Consultation is a valuable step in the development of BNF Publications content

Healthcare professionals, interested groups and other users of BNF Publications are welcomed to comment on and contribute to draft BNF Publications content. The final draft version of new, updated and revised BNF Publications content is periodically displayed on this page for open review.

This draft content has been validated against emerging evidence, best-practice guidelines, and advice from a network of clinical experts. It is subsequently presented to our expert committee for appraisal against matters of policy and other considerations in light of new evidence.

Consultations will be accessible for a period of 2 weeks; replies must be received before midnight on the closing date specified in the draft content. To receive alerts about content for consultation, sign up to the BNF eNewsletter at


How to get involved

  1. Read the guidance for reviewers document
  2. Read the draft BNF Publications content below
  3. Comment using the BNF Consultations comments proforma
  4. Read the Code of Practice on Declaration of Interests and complete a Declaration of Interests form
  5. Return everything, including any supporting evidence, to by the closing date specified in the draft content


Current consultations for BNF

There are currently no open consultations for BNF

Current consultations for BNF for Children

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