BNF app login brings new Favourites functionality

With the latest update, you now have access to the new features on the BNF app, providing you with an improved experience.

Favourite records
Our research has shown many users want quick access to BNF records they visit frequently. By introducing registration, we are now able to give you a more personalised experience with the new ‘Favourites’ feature. Favourites will allow you to bookmark drug monographs, treatment summaries, and other records you refer to frequently or need to find quickly and access them across multiple devices.

To enable the Favourites functionality, and to support future app development, you will now be asked to register for access to the BNF app. It is quick and easy to do — just enter your email address and job role, then choose a password. Once you log in to the BNF app, you will remain logged in on your device.

All users are now required to register and log in to access the BNF app. The BNF app remains fully functional both online and offline, providing access to the latest drug information quickly, and on-the-go.

Why register for an account?

  • Quick and easy registration process, at no cost to you
  • Access your favourite records quickly, across multiple devices
  • Help us improve the app based on usage and needs

The BNF app remains fully functional both online and offline, providing access to the latest drug information quickly, and on-the-go.

NHS registered user access extended

NHS registered user access to BNF content through MedicinesComplete has been automatically extended.  If you have received an email asking you to re-register as an NHS user, you can safely ignore it and your access will not be affected. 

If you have re-registered as an NHS user, thank you, your access to BNF content through MedicinesComplete is also confirmed. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

BNF 84 and BNF for Children 2022-23: Yellow Cards and Quick Reference Guides

In the upcoming print editions, BNF 84 and BNF for Children 2022–23, you will notice that the pages inserted after the index have been updated as follows:

  • Yellow Card inserts have been removed — information on when and how to submit Yellow Cards and links to online reporting sites remain available in the Adverse reactions to drugs section; signposting to this section and a link to the MHRA’s Yellow Card website is included on the back cover of print editions
  • Quick reference guides are now printed on standard paper stock instead of glossy paper — all content that was previously on these pages remains present (e.g. life support algorithms and key drug doses in medical emergencies)
  • Quick reference guides have been re-ordered to facilitate rapid reference — the advanced life support algorithm is now easily accessible on the inside back cover and listed in the Contents page

Correction of side-effect content in BNF monographs for cetuximab, lenvatinib and regorafenib

Omissions of side-effects within three BNF monographs have been identified, as follows:

  • Cetuximab — hypersensitivity (severe, sometimes fatal and may be delayed)
  • Regorafenib — haemorrhage (sometimes fatal)
  • Lenvatinib — haemorrhage (sometimes fatal)

These omissions have been corrected and the side-effects will be present in digital versions of BNF for the July 2022 monthly update and the forthcoming print edition, BNF 84 (September 2022).

Correction of valganciclovir information in BNF for Children

The valganciclovir drug monograph in BNF for Children has incorrectly included the following equivalence statement since the monograph was added for the July 2018 monthly digital update and the print edition BNF for Children 2018-2019.

Dose equivalence and conversion
Oral valganciclovir 900 mg twice daily is equivalent to intravenous ganciclovir 5 mg/kg twice daily.

This statement applies to dosing in adults only.

It will be removed from digital versions of BNF for Children for the August 2021 monthly update and the forthcoming print edition BNF for Children 2021-2022.

Interactions for combination drugs: check interactions for the individual component drugs

On MedicinesComplete, the interactions checker is currently not displaying interactions for co-drugs (e.g. co-codamol, co-trimoxazole) correctly. The results state that there are no interaction results for co-drugs, when this is not the case. Users are reminded to always check the interactions of all individual components of co-drugs to get the complete clinical information.

This issue applies to the interactions checkers for BNF and BNF for Children and the Stockley’s Interactions Checker on MedicinesComplete. In BNF and BNF for Children on MedicinesComplete, when using the navigation panel to filter search results of co-drugs by Interactions, the same issue also occurs.

The interactions are displaying correctly when the interactions information is accessed directly via links from the Interactions section of the co-drug monographs in BNF and BNF for Children.

This issue only affects interactions content on MedicinesComplete.

Please contact with any questions.

Note: This issue is now resolved.

BNF hosts antimicrobial summary guidance on behalf of NICE and PHE

BNF Publications will now host the Summary of antimicrobial prescribing guidance – managing common infections on behalf of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE). The hosting on is an interim measure, whilst a long-term solution for the governance and hosting is established.

The Summary is a rapid reference containing recommendations around antimicrobial prescribing from NICE and PHE. The Summary will be updated at least quarterly and is available as a PDF and Word Document (updated December 2022).

The current version was updated December 2022, with changes made to recommendations for Acute sore throat and Scarlet fever (GAS), to link to NHSE/UKHSA interim guidance.

Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary content within the British National Formulary

BNF Publications have been working to improve access to prescribing information for Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribers (CPNPs), by incorporating the NPF content within the BNF. As a result of this work, updates have been made to content within the BNF.

Up until now the NPF was available as a print-only publication that was published every two years. Incorporating the NPF content within the BNF means that this content is now available digitally, via the BNF app and online, and within BNF print editions, as described below. NPF users will also benefit from access to BNF content that was previously not included in the NPF, such as drug interactions.  

Within the BNF app, online versions of the BNF, and BNF80, the NPF list of medicinal preparations now includes:

  • Cross-references to BNF monographs to make navigating from the list to the monograph quick and easy
  • Indications for which CPNPs can prescribe a specific drug or preparation
  • Additional information (e.g. when initial assessment by a doctor is required before prescribing, or where there is a usual maximum duration of treatment for a specific indication)
  • Signposting to doses for CPNPs where these differ from the standard doses in the BNF

Within the BNF app and online versions of the BNF, the following information has been added:

  • General guidance for CPNPs (Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary—General guidance) which includes information on prescribing for CPNPs
  • Treatment summaries for CPNPs (e.g. Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary—Analgesics) which provide an overview of the drug management or prophylaxis of conditions that are commonly managed by CPNPs and/or information on the use of appliances, such as stoma appliances

For further details, see How to use the NPF which sits above the medicinal preparations section in the NPF list.

Have you updated your BNF app?

Following the launch of the improved BNF and BNF for Children app last month, the latest update is now available for all users.

We would encourage you to download the update as soon as possible, v3.0.1 on the AppStore and v3.0.2 on the Google Play store.

As a reminder, switch on automatic updates to get instant access to the most up-to-date version of the BNF app. 

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