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Update for Valproic Acid in BNF and BNF for Children

The following sections in the Valproic acid monograph in BNF Publications will be updated for the next print edition/digital update to bring the content in line with the Sodium valproate monograph. The content will be updated in BNF 72 (September 2016) and BNF for Children 2016-2017. Digital versions will be updated at the next scheduled release date – April 2016.

The updated content will read as follows:

Contra-indications: Acute porphyrias p.864; personal or familial history of severe hepatic dysfunction; known or suspected mitochondrial disorders (higher rate of acute liver failure and liver-related deaths)

Breastfeeding: Present in milk – risk of haematological disorders in breast-fed newborns and infants

A downloadable version of this update can be found here:

Update to Valproic acid monograph