Interactions for combination drugs: check interactions for the individual component drugs

On MedicinesComplete, the interactions checker is currently not displaying interactions for co-drugs (e.g. co-codamol, co-trimoxazole) correctly. The results state that there are no interaction results for co-drugs, when this is not the case. Users are reminded to always check the interactions of all individual components of co-drugs to get the complete clinical information.

This issue applies to the interactions checkers for BNF and BNF for Children and the Stockley’s Interactions Checker on MedicinesComplete. In BNF and BNF for Children on MedicinesComplete, when using the navigation panel to filter search results of co-drugs by Interactions, the same issue also occurs.

The interactions are displaying correctly when the interactions information is accessed directly via links from the Interactions section of the co-drug monographs in BNF and BNF for Children.

This issue only affects interactions content on MedicinesComplete.

Please contact with any questions.

Note: This issue is now resolved.