BNF app login brings new Favourites functionality

In an upcoming update, the BNF app will include new features providing you with an improved experience.

Favourite records
Our research has shown many users want quick access to BNF records they visit frequently. By introducing registration, we are now able to give you a more personalised experience with the new ‘Favourites’ feature. Favourites will allow you to bookmark drug monographs, treatment summaries, and other records you refer to frequently or need to find quickly and access them across multiple devices.

To enable the Favourites functionality, and to support future app development, you will be asked to register for access to the BNF app. It is quick and easy to do — just enter your email address and job role, then choose a password. Once you log in to the BNF app, you will remain logged in on your device.

Registration will be optional for 30 days, and during this time users will be able to skip the registration process and access the app as usual. After 30 days, all users will be required to register and log in to access the BNF app.

Why register for an account?

  • Quick and easy registration process, at no cost to you
  • Access your favourite records quickly, across multiple devices
  • Help us improve the app based on usage and needs

The BNF app remains fully functional both online and offline, providing access to the latest drug information quickly, and on-the-go.