BNF 84 and BNF for Children 2022-23: Yellow Cards and Quick Reference Guides

In the upcoming print editions, BNF 84 and BNF for Children 2022–23, you will notice that the pages inserted after the index have been updated as follows:

  • Yellow Card inserts have been removed — information on when and how to submit Yellow Cards and links to online reporting sites remain available in the Adverse reactions to drugs section; signposting to this section and a link to the MHRA’s Yellow Card website is included on the back cover of print editions
  • Quick reference guides are now printed on standard paper stock instead of glossy paper — all content that was previously on these pages remains present (e.g. life support algorithms and key drug doses in medical emergencies)
  • Quick reference guides have been re-ordered to facilitate rapid reference — the advanced life support algorithm is now easily accessible on the inside back cover and listed in the Contents page