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Powered by the BNF, FormularyComplete allows you create your own customised formulary, supporting you locally to make quick, clinically informed decisions.

Customise your formulary

Add your own notes and formulary status information, BNF & BNFC drug and preparations records or add new records of your own

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Policy and Guidance

Promote consistent implementation of formulary policy by making documents easily accessible to clinicians

Trusted infomation

Practical, evidence-based medicines information for healthcare professionals

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What is FormularyComplete? FormularyComplete is a web-based application that lets you build and manage your formulary on the trusted, evidence-based information of the BNF and BNFC. FormularyComplete provides a totally customisable approach to your local formulary information, integrating it with essential prescribing guidance whenever it’s needed. FormularyComplete helps you:

  • Improve patient care and make safer decisions
  • Promote consistency at the point of care
  • Maintain local formulary compliance
  • Saves time and money with instant access and editing


New FormularlyComplete vs Legacy If you’re an existing customer of FormularyComplete you can expect a number of significant changes to your new site, including:

  • Automatic updates – new BNF and BNF for Children content is added every month ensuring you have the latest information
  • Up-to-date BNF structure – FormularyComplete is consistent with the app, web and print versions of the BNF
  • Customisable content – an integrated editing interface makes it easy to add your own notes or records to the formulary
  • Auditable – managing your formulary is easy with reports showing changes you’ve made and whether any of your content has been affected by changes to BNF content

If you’re an existing customer please contact us or refer to the FAQs section for further user information.

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