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The BNF and BNF for Children are easily explored on MedicinesComplete, the platform with up-to-date drug information sourced from an extensive range of the world’s most trusted resources.

View the complete content from both the BNF and BNF for Children

Available online in a mobile-responsive format on MedicinesComplete. The smart search functionality makes it easy to find drugs, view monographs, and browse related information.

Combine the BNF with more evidence-based resources

As well as hosting BNF and BNF for Children, MedicinesComplete offers a series of other publications, including Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference and Stockley’s Drug Interactions, providing a wide range of medicines information resources in one place.

Have a question about the change in BNF or BNFC access from to MedicinesComplete?  Check our frequently asked questions.

If you are a UK-based individual undertaking work (or training) for or on behalf of the NHS or you are a non-commercial user, you can register on MedicinesComplete.  If you do not meet the criteria for free access, then you can still benefit from the expert guidance in BNF and BNFC by subscribing on MedicinesComplete.

Content on BNF Online is updated every month. MedicinesComplete publishes the monthly updates.

Countries with free access to BNF and BNF for Children on MedicinesComplete

Registered users of the BNF website (see Terms of website use for conditions) are allowed free access to the core content of the latest edition of the BNF and BNF for Children on the MedicinesComplete website if they reside in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or any of the countries in the HINARI list of countries managed by the World Health Organisation WHO (see details).

We regret that, notwithstanding your location, the free access concession is not available if you connect to our servers through any method that does not expose an IP-address registered in one of the countries listed above. This may occur if you connect to the internet via:

  • a service provider (ISP) registered in a country that is not itself included on this list
  • an HTTP proxy that does not expose an IP-address registered in one of the countries listed
  • a telecommunications satellite link.

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