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Buy BNF 73 now, the latest edition of the British National Formulary in print. It now features NICE accreditation, new drug monographs and updated guidance for prescribing biological and biosimilar medicines.

BNF 73

BNF for Children

Buy BNFC 2016-2017 now. Covering neonates to adolescents, the BNF for Children includes key clinical and pharmaceutical information specific to those age groups.

BNF for Children 2016-2017

Nurse Prescribers' Formulary

Out now – NPF 2015-2017. Provides an overview of common conditions, with details of medicines that may be prescribed by Community Practitioner nurse prescribers.

The BNF is published in updated book form twice a year, in March and September. It details all medicines that are generally prescribed in the UK, with information about:

  • indications and dosages
  • contraindications
  • cautions
  • side effects
  • medicinal products
  • and more

The print edition of the BNF for Children is published in book form annually.

The NPF in print is issued every 2 years and is designed for use with the BNF. It is also included in the BNF as an appendix.

The publishers of the BNF are committed to providing the formulary in the format most convenient to our customers. We will continue to publish the BNF in updated book form twice a year, in March and September. NICE, provider of free copies to NHS health professionals in England, now buys the September edition only, in addition to the online availability via its website.

If your organisation wishes to purchase an updated print version and take advantage of our bulk pricing offers, please contact Individuals can buy the book at or by calling 01256 302 699.

Details about changes and updates to the BNF content are available on MedicinesComplete.

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